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Please contact me ASAP or something! It's UNIT231 and I miss you all!
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 Poems Game

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PostSubject: Wolf.   Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:29 pm

Wolf, your setting yourself up to get killed on this one
Even if i dont write anything i'll stiil be the one who won
cano, your about to witness what true killing seems like
Wolf is gonna be taken out he's gonna have to take a hike

Of course you'd be the one who wants a kiss
cause you cant get one from a girl, something you miss
You want the heat to go into your class
you want cano too so you can rape his ass

Your right, i was laying on tope of surge
only so "my team" and "winning" would merge
Dont act like you dont lay down when im not around
Sometimes when you only see me, you lay down on the ground

Come back with my own rhymes? Dude, yours never had a rhyme
Your shit was so bad it's considered a crime.
I'd for sure lock it up and throw the key away
And never let it out until there isnt another day

You said you were working up the flow, but it was never seen
You should wipe the dirt you left, it would appear more clean
I feel your rage building up, so much you might ban
To get revenge on me, you might even disband the clan

You shoulda stayed out of this, this is a war zone
Even from where i live, i can still hear you groan
Your upset, you entered when UNIT is doing well
You should study my rhymes so you too can be swell

You rhymed suspence and fence, your only good rhyme
Im sure you were impatiently waiting until the right time
I think Sammy is writing your rhymes for you
But its worse than usual so i think you helped out too

Did you ever go back and read your own stuff?
Its awful, the world is begging, stop, we've had enough
I'm gonna put the poem game out of order
No one will write after this, i'll bet a quarter

You made a forum for people to post their weapons, yet no one did
Of course cano, somone who is loyal and skilled, was the only kid
I tried to write more but my brain ran out of gas
My stuff is beautiful while your shit breaks the glass

I never needed to mop myself up, i've been standing all along
You payed a millions dollars to see Michael Jacson in a thong
Who is UNIT? I am the man who shut you up for good
Next time around will be fatal, you better bet i could.
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:38 pm

You're shit!
You aint got the skills.
It's me and Wolf.
I might be high on pills.
And you're so gay
you make a double-whammy.
But you cant get anyone better than Sammy.
I know about your boner night.
Micheal Jackson came on you.
And you took it without a fight.
You cant get any girls.
So much unlike me.
I get so many girls.
That I buzz like a bee.
You suck giant dicks.
But most the guys are pricks.
If I didn't know better,
I'd say you were a chick.
And I can whup your ass.
And I can kill you dead.
Sort of like the way you looked.
In Micheal Jackson's bed.
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:08 am

cano, i bet the only girl you can get is your cousin
I wouldnt be talkin and causing all this buzzin
You T-bag boys and run away from girls
You get no money while i get pearls

You wish you can stack to the ceiling like me
Ill stomp your ass if you really were a bee
Are you even allowed to use the word shit and ass?
according to your age your not even suppose to drink from glass

I can kill you dead? smarten up cano, it makes no sense
It seems like your education is really worth 2 cents
If i suck giant dicks then you suck Wolf's asshole
If you could i bet you would swallow is dick whole

I'm unbeatable, unstoppable, insane
I have so much power, i can make it rain
Next time you come at me, ill be ruthless
Your attempt to comeback will be useless
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PostSubject: Unit....   Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:08 am

Unit, your like an SVO error.
You keep trying to bring the terror.
But thats not gonna stop me.
Im not about to run away and flee.

Ill actually say your rhymes were ok.
And mine were pretty bad eh?
So ill try and fix this up wolf style.
Ill do the rhymes ive been meaning to do for a while.

Unit, I dont need a kiss.
I always get something like this Razz
The girls flock right up to me.
Be instead they see you and flee.

Your like a negative magnet.
The girls are too, so when the come in contact with you.
They just think that your a faget.
You only wish you could get them to stay with some glue.

Wolf is introducing a new rhyming pattern.
Its ABAB my friend.
It was inverted by a guy named ern.
And it goes a little like this.

Disband the clan? Man..
I dont even know how to ban.
I love mack*10 and would never even make up that plan.
I disabled night pr cauz socoms makin a new update.

Now I can get pissed at the hackers.
And say I wish I could do something.
And ill just say them mother fuckers.
Now im sorry cano, if your mom sees that one she will be PMSing.

Standing all along.
But laying on the top.
Man its been long, since ive layed down, since ive touched the ground.
When I get a kill, the team gets so loud cauz im not on the top layin down.

Next time will be fatal?
Ill bet a million dollors its as nice as a baby in its cradle.
So Unit im waiting.
The wolf is here, hes on. Hes ready to take you on.

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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:13 pm

Uh oh, should i be pissing my pants?
Now that wolf just asked me to dance?
He just challenged me, of course ill say yes
I'll wear my best tux, he'll wear his best dress

Take you on? Its like a spider VS. god
Of course im better, nothing seems odd
Inverted by ern? Did you also get fingered by him?
Or was it by his friend? The dude named Tim?

Sorry wolf, but it takes more skill to do AABB
Its a challenge, try it out and then you'll see
You'll fail, I'm better, everyone knows
The only thing your good at is giving dudes blows

Wolf, you used "me" and "flee" twice
they get stale just like 2 year old fried rice
Next, your socom name will be crucially dissed
You'll have to change your name, your old one wont be missed

If your name is wolf, then i guess you are what you eat
If that's the case then you most certainly smell like feet
I am a man hunter, a wolf is my prey
Its like when i face you in socom, you better start to pray

You said you'd start ABAB but you never followed through
Your next couple rhymes started smelling like poo
At first you started well but then you started to fall
You fell as deep down as hell's sacred hall
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PostSubject: unit.....   Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:07 am

Im back again.
You can never get rid of a wolf my friend.
And if you try to hunt.
I'll sneak around to your position and get you with a bunt.

You try to diss my rhymes.
But nobody is perfectly sublime.
And in your next poem. Youd better not say.
That you are sublime everyday.

You ryhmed ''him'' with ''tim''
And your little bit about tim your just dissin him.
I can tell that part was bad.
Is talking about gays your new fad?

You will need to check your grammer.
Because your just making your rhymes sadder.
If I was giving a dude blows.
That would mean im beating him up. Didnt cha know?

You cant make fun of my name.
I own this game.
Hunting a wolf good luck.
Im so stealthy you will only be able to shoot a buck.

Your rhymes will never scare me.
They will simply destroy you.
So keep trying to beat me.
Although your done, ill be waiting again, lets have some fun.

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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:43 pm

Ight wolf, i see i have to come down to this
its a poem structure i really do miss
Its the same structure that turned you into piss
Its the AAAA form, brace yourself for this diss

The answer is yes, talking bout gays is my fad
So should i be talking about you and your dad?
uh-oh, is little wolf getting pissy and mad?
Your rhymes are just like death, they're sad

Of course im not done, im warming up to kill
You better start preparing your death will.
Are you gonna get killed by me? of course you will
I swear my great rhymes can make a healthy person go ill

Your first lines attempted to rhyme "again" and "friend"
Once you did that, you shouldn't have pressed send
You should have known i would eventually attend
Then i will diss you for that, it'll soon be the end

Try doing an AAAA poem, its a dare
Im sure you'll back down, its not rare
You try and come back but i always blow you out of the air
You might think this is slaughter but i think its just fair

Stealthy my ass, i can kill you with blind eyes
And once i shoot you, even my deaf ears can hear your cries.
After a moment, your fate will meet it's demise
Ill still shoot you down even if you try and rise
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:13 pm

Your rhymes deserve to be in the zoo.
A zookeeper throws them out like monkey poo.
They throw you out too.
Im gonna take you down so bad you wont even have a clue.

Writing in AAAA isnt hard.
They could put my rhymes in a hallmark card.
You rhyme like a dog in the yard.
Your a helpless little St Bernard.

Your rhymes are so fake.
They give me a headache.
Trying to go around with me is a big mistake.
So if you want to try you'd better be awake.

You couldn't shoot a whale with blind eyes.
I'll make you look so bad you'll have to wear a disguise.
Youd better listen to me, im very wise.
My rhymes just won the noblel prize.

I think I just showed you AAAA
Now your my prey.
Ill hunt you down like oprah at a buffet.
So here it comes unit, its jugement day.

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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:42 pm

Wolf, how does a dog rhyme in a yard?
It must be good cause my rhymes go hard
If you tried to insult me than you must be a retard
Of course im comin back, you better be on your guard

Kudos, you took my dare and spit a rhyme
Too bad your stuff added up to be half a dime
Anyone can do 5, try doing 8 next time
Then maybe your stuff would appear during halftime

If my rhymes give you headaches, then they're doing their job
They're suppose to make you feel bad, maybe even sob
They're suppose to scare you like being chased by the mob
They're not suppose to be good to you like "corn on the cob"

March 21st to March 24th. It took you three days
To write a 5 stanzas. You must be in your womenly phase
three days to write something that just might blaze
But im still here. You might as well go back in your maze

I cant kill a whale, it has too much speed
But im hungry enough for a wolf, just what i need
I love the part when i shoot you and you bleed
Seeing you fall is my favorite part indeed

You cant handle my rhymes, thats why they belong in the zoo
They also hold dead wolves that are dead and turn blue
Zookeepers look but they cant find a good wolf that's new
Cause they all smell as bad as shit in a used shoe

By the way i treat you, you must be in pain
Cause whenever you read my stuff, you get slain
Not only on the outside but also in the brain
Hurt you so much you might wind up insane

You talk shit like your worth a grand
But your rhymes is so week i can break it in my hand
They should be deserted on an unpopulated peice of land
Somewhere where there is nothing, not even sand.
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:31 pm

Try to insult you? I did.
I took you down like a little kid.
My rhymes are gonna take you off the power grid.
Your gettin shut down, im putting on the lid.

This time ill do nine.
Ill make my rhymes look so fine.
They have style like Calvin Klien.
My challenge you will decline.

I feel bad for you when I read your rhymes.
I'll make your face twist like when you eat a lime.
Your rhymes are so bad they commit crimes.
Keeping up with me is gonna be a hard time.

3 days is not that bad.
It only took 10 minutes on my writing pad.
And my rhymes were as big as the capitol of Chad.
I waited 3 days, arent you glad?

You got a break.
But now you made a big mistake.
Nobody disses the wolf, i'm as good as a t bone steak.
Im delectible, like a chocolate cake.

Im worth more than a grand.
So now im gonna command.
Write some rhymes that arent so blan.
And take a look into no man's land.

But to bad the lands mine. Sais so on the sign.
Try to take it and you and I will intertwine.
So now you'd better resign.
I'll just sit back and drink white whine.

Heres number eight.
After this it will be up to fate.
I know chris is your soul mate.
But hes about to shoot you with an m8.

9. Looks like I beat you.
Don't even argue.
Make a comback thats new.
And dont forget to review.

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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:22 pm

It took me four days to write something new
I think my lines were a week overdue
I'll bring it back about two weeks or so
Around the era of page 4, ya know?

You titled your poem, "Your Done! Done!"
When i came back, it appeared i had won
You still have yet to make a comeback
You hid forever when i came out to attack

Once you comeback, ill continue writing
Maybe a quad A poem that deals with fighting
But until then, Ill sit back and wait
When you write stanzas that add up to eight

You feel bad for me while i frown upon you
For being awful at rhyming, i might as well sue
Here's a hint, putting s's at the end dont make it rhyme
such as "blows" and "know" from the previous time

Your lines need to sound alike, not spelled the same
If you expect to be great, you have to step up your game
Make sure your rhymes are pronounced alike
Then maybe you'll go on stage and spit a lil on the mic

You may ask why i took so long to reply
well me taking you down has lately been a sigh
Its always the same thing, i pummel you to the floor
You try and dismiss me but i kick you out the door

Im not writing quad A because it got old
I only needed it whenever my rhymes got cold
Now that their hot and being precise
Even saying "bad job" should be considered nice

We contrast by your lines being dead
They may sometimes rhyme but mine are said
Yours has no meaning, they're are just words clashed
Your rhymes zig zag but they usually end up crashed.

Put your heart into it, there's something you will find
maybe its potential and talent combined
Put meaning and the words will pour through
you'll have to make them rhyme, something you should be used to

How does it feel being victorious for a few days?
It matters not cause your going back in your maze
I was busy the days before, but now i am here
"Careful, bullets in face may seem closer than they appear"
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:38 pm

haven't seen u guys in a while
i'll only stay for a mile
Wolf requests:
I the almighty _-SaMmY-_ cause i'm the BEST
i know i can't rhyme worth a damn
but i sure can slay a lamb!
my rhymes don't make sense but at least i try
i fly high like a bird up in the sky
study study study study
ya that's it
go pop a zit ya her!!!!!!!

(that's the best so far wolf sorry...)
afro afro lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:10 pm

I write gold and you write shit?
Going after me requires you to sit
You have to match my previous work
Sorry if im sounding like a jerk
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PostSubject: oh no.   Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:53 pm

Four days was a long wait.
You had a long time to get your rhymes straight.
But I see you did'nt. You only made it worse.
If that was a show you'd better reimburse.

Im a truly dissapointed.
That poem was not you, it was disjointed.
I know you can do better.
So next time send me a letter.

I'm not going to attack you.
Because something is wrong, you must have the flu.
I'll make my move towards someone else.
It will be sammy that I expulse.

Sammy ive got too say.
You made Unit look good today.
I think you need a rhyming dictionary.
Because were not in here playing pictionary.

I do hope to see you in here more.
So that I can blow you up with C4.
So come on in.
Trying to beat me isnt a sin.

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PostSubject: I'm wolf, i write a subject...   Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:42 pm

Wolf, i think an excuse is what you made up
You had too much hate-juice you poured it in a cup
You only say that to get out of coming back
That poem was solid, you couldnt find a crack

Come on wolf, i had to comeback to your stuff
Your shit was vomit, i finally had enough
So why would you want me to send a letter to you?
You ran out of words to rhyme and it makes no sense too

You almost accomplished greatness in the beginning
enough that when i read, i was grinning
But then you went back to your old way
When you ran out of words to say

Who ever said pictionary was being played in here?
You ran out of words to rhyme again, its too clear
I feel bad for you, your still learning
When will you come back? thats what im concerning

If you read above, my rhymes are making sense
They have enough meaning to be super intense
The intensity could survive the ocean floor pressure
I bet that's beyond your intellect measure

Two poems are needed for you to comeback now
The one on page four and my last one, but how?
Well let's see, you never came back to those
Of course you havent, even god knows
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:57 am

UNIT I can't believe you said that to Wolf.
If I were a horse, I would give you the hoolf.
I can't believe it.
He's your best bud.
But for some reason,
you treat him like mud.
I will not stand for this.
Wolf is too cool
to be treated like piss.
Don't be mean.
I know that you like it.
I know that your cruel.
But if I rhyme any more.
I'll make you a fool.
And I will say:
Wow you must be gay!
I'll go over to your barn.
And then eat your hay.
You make me want to use your toilet without flushin'
I wanna say some words to you
that would make an excon start blushin'.
If I could meet you face to face,
I would fill you up with utter disgrace.
So don't think that you can win this race,
if you can't even follow the pace.
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PostSubject: cano. eh!   Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:10 pm

Oh no Unit is under attack.
Cano made your rhymes look whack.
Although its not hard.
And it looks like Units gonna need a body guard.

You say my ryhmes are bad.
I could see yours in a bad grammer ad.
You need to hone your writing skills.
Because your just making yourself look ill.

I'll take your poem down piece by piece.
Youd better watch out cauz im the Royal Canadian Mountain Police
Cano, dont worry what Unit tries to say.
Just keep on eating his hay.

You rhymed up and cup.
What you need to do is jazz it up.
A 10 year old could come up with that.
Youd better be ready for combat.

Ok, I'll quote you on this.
"concerning" Does that word even exist?
You say I cant rhymes.
Atleast I dont make up words from time to time.

''I bet that's beyond your intellect measure''
Do you make up words for your own sexual pleasure?
Now I'll correct this for you.
Intellectual measure, you suck worse than the band blink182.

I just wanted to say to cano. Your poem was amazing, i really liked it near the end there.

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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:35 pm

u guys have some really good rhymes
but it's my time to shine!
Unit is getting beat up 3 to 1
and it's really fun
does anyone want to take his side
or go hide?
unit must be scared because he hasn't replied
what a big sigh

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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:10 pm

Its appears i have to write 3 poems for each
Now im going to be as basic as bleach
Cano, you'll be the first target on my list
Here's some dissing i bet you missed

Im suprised you showed your face around here
My last poem about you was extremely severe
You vanished out of the game with a blink of an eye
I felt like i was too harsh that i probably made you cry

Out of all that BS, the last four lines were great
It made me feel like i was being put out as bait
But like i said, the BS moments made me sick
It's like vomit on the floor that you had to lick

To rhyme well, you gotta keep your pattern steady
If you keep mixing them up, you surely aren't ready
Your playing with the big boys, this is a warzone
We're not gonna be nice to you and toss you a bone

Eat my hay? It makes absolutely no sense
I'm sure Wolf sold you that for about 6 cents
Im not scared if you and wolf are now on a team
Its more noobs for me to kill, just like my dream

If you rhyme more, then ill turn up as a fool?
I challenge you to write more, just like a duel
Give me the hoolf cause you must be a horse
You produce large shits and have a tail of course

If you dont want to stand for this, then sit down
Actually you should bow because i hold the crown
Not a week goes by when i dont have a reply
To anyone's poem who wishes i would die

I acted cruel again, you might vanish
just like last time, i guess my rhymes banish
I've elimintated TWiiTCH and SaMmY, its your turn
Ive done it before, I'm sure you wont return
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:11 pm

Wolf, I'm trying to help you, its what you need
Rhyming is where your poem skills bleed
Your persistant with ATTEMPTing to defeat me
This poem will hit you so hard you'll be seeing three

It seems i have to use your work to teach
I know it wont be easy like a walk down the beach
Teaching you is like teaching a snail to talk
After teaching it for 7 years on how to walk

Adding an "s" doesnt mean the word still rhymes
Do i really have to tell you a thousand times?
"Skills" and "ill" dont rhyme because of that letter
If the "s" disappeared then maybe you would be better

I hope i dont see that extra letter again
It also better not be the letters "e" "d" or "n"
I'm not suprised that you encourage cano to eat hay
I bet you wanna see him bend over, he's your prey

I rhymed "up" and "cup", but you did the same
You nagged me about that you hippocrate, what a shame
Your name will be crucially dissed next
It's the same idea you wrote down as a text

W stands for Will never get laid
O stands for On top of a guy-maid
L stands for Looking to be boned in the ass
F stands for Fucking every guy in his class

I dont think anyone noticed my topic from before
look through, see wolf writes in subjects like a whore
You dont need to fill that in man, its your choice
You might think this is cruel but i find it as a rejoice

Yes wolf, concerning does exist, your skills certainly do not
the only thing i need to hone is your head with a red dot
You still havent replied to my poem on page four
Should i cut and paste to see you cry more?
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:18 pm

SaMmY, you didnt even diss me, but insulted, i am
I dont consider them a poem, sorry ma'am
I'm not scared, i can take them all out
I live for this, this is what life is all about

You better re-appear with better words
or else ill send you flying with the birds
Watch where your going kid, you might get hurt
Im killing wolf and cano, then burying them in the dirt
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:40 pm

Being gay isn't bad.
But in a way you've been had.
And when you give up.
I' gonna be really glad.

Don't get me wrong.
You are pretty good.
But not enough to make it in this neighborhood.

I'll own you at SOCOM.
I'll send you crying to your mom.
I'll blow you up.
Just the way like a bomb.
I'll just go and say,
"Ha! You've been tricked"
if only my PSP didn't get bricked...

I'll try to go on.
I know that I can.
And I'll have you eating
out of the palm of my hand.

So go and cry
to your mom in the sky.
Micheal Jackson is waiting.
And I think he is high.

Last edited by xcanox on Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:42 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Forgot a line. lol)
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:01 pm

cano, i think Michael Jackson is your crush
You mention him an awful lot, you even blush
I also hear that you act shy in his presence
He gave you a dildo on Christmas as one of your many presents

I stormed into your neighborhood
They bowed down to me as they usually would
Ill never give up, so keep your frown
You better count on me always taking you down

cano, you wore a ghillie suit during a war
no way can you beat me, just walk out the door
You just witnessed me take out you, wolf, and sammy
I hit the jackpot, a triple whammy
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:36 pm

I'm not finished yet.
I'm still holding strong.
But I didn't think I could.
After seeing you in that thong.

Micheal Jackson isn't my crush.
Once again,
the excons will blush.

I haven't forgotten
why I'm in the clan at all.
It's becuase I took you down.
I made you guys fall.

I'm the king of the world.
But maybe I should make up words like you.
And rhyme world with sorld.

I'm always gonna be bigger.
Always bigger and true.
And just when I thought my time had come.
I kept on pushing through.

You are good at SOCOM.
That much I must admit.
But if you challenged my IQ.
I'd destroy you with my wit.

I'm so sexy,
I get girls like a snap.
But when you come around.
You are a pile of crap.

And I'm gonna make up more words like you.
I think I'll do it through and through.
And take a slurp of yummy stew.

And I saw you makin out with cris.
Cuz when it comes to girls you are a priss.
You made out with him
for this I adore you.
It's all because you couldn't get a girl
to do it for you.

So don't think you can win.
You just make me chuckle and grin.
If you don't back down now,
I'll kick you in the shin!
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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:32 pm

I may be feelin kinda lazy.
But seeing all these poems made me kinda hazy.
I'm not in the mood for these shannanigans.
But I do have a commitment to the fans.

I'll have to look back at what you wrote.
And get ready to rock your boat.
Looks like you use caps now.
Is that something we can even allow?

Man, you like to make fun of my rhymes.
Ive seen it a thousand times.
Your trying to teach me how to do things.
Why dont you try and play some new strings?

I see that were doing the 2nd grader poems.
Now thats gonna cause a few problems.
See, I can make one too.
And I can do everything better than you.

U stands for Urinary infection from Micheal Jackson.
N stands for Never getting laid, not even Chris...
I stands for I suck giant dick all night.
T stands for Trying to fuck everyguy up the ass. But always denied...

Now we can get back to real skill.
I'll show everyone that your mentally ill.
Is that good enough for you unit?
According to you those lines are legit?

I'll leave it at that.
And wait for you to come back, you little house cat.
We will see what you say.
After youve been put in total disseray.

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PostSubject: Re: Poems Game   

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Poems Game
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